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“It’s like a digital tin cup that you’re just rattling around. This is… Jesus…”

-Chip Zdarsky


Your eyes do not deceive you!
A new episode of STEG-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS just dropped!
It’s from our recent livestream with @AshcanPress, we’re talking all things “What’s the Furthest Place From Here?”
Check it out now on podcast apps, Spotify, and!

Yes! Stay tuned, Amazing Friends! The shows will be back in the very near future!

Until then, come join the fun over on! It’s free to sign up and you get (almost) all the stuff Ryan and Donny are putting out, including a new mini podcast! Check it out!

A new podcast??! Featuring @RyanStegman and @Doncates?! You’re goddamn right! Fill that Amazing Friends shaped hole in your life with this new show exclusively on!
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KLCPress @KlcPress
Videomania! In addition to Ryan’s current livestream, the 1st episode of our podcast is available! @RyanStegman & @Doncates talk all things VANISH! Subscribe now at to get this & more right in your inbox. #comics #comicbooks #ryanstegman #donnycates

Wondering what your friendly neighborhood Supple Boiz have been up to?!
The latest Substack post from @KlcPress gives just a small look at how Griffin and Ethan have been keeping busy! Check it out!

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I’m so very pleased to announce that @RyanStegman and I are THE VERY FIRST comic book creators to join @SubstackInc to make you all a LOT of rad comics under our new imprint KIDS LOVE CHAINS PRESS!! Read more here and subscribe now for cool stuff!!

Your local Supple Boiz are helping make this happen! Check it out!
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Ryan "venom boy" $tegman @RyanStegman
Guys, @doncates and I have some special news for you: we invented comics on @SubstackInc! Today we proudly launch our company Kids Love Chains Press! Sign up to join us on this wild ride with our new comic VANISH!