About Us

About Us

Griffin Sheridan and Ethan Parker Smith make up the soon to be iconic creative duo known as Sheridan and Smith. 
Early in their partnership, Griffin and Ethan found they both shared in a unique interest, an interest so unique nobody else had ever been interested in it: podcasting.
While they’re currently full time podcast producers, hosts, and editors, the two “supple boiz” have a shared passion for writing, particularly for comic books. 
Will they eventually get to make a living off writing, despite the fact that the role of the artist is greatly undervalued today, even though people are consuming endless amounts of entertainment, almost in a state of autopilot and publishers and distributors could literally put out anything and at least someone would read it? Yanno, hopefully.

Ethan Parker Smith

Currently stranded in the wilds of Alaska, Ethan Parker Smith writes and podcasts his ass off in order to, one day, be able to afford a nice life back in normal human civilization. He’s trying his best.

Griffin Sheridan

Born and raised in Michigan, it’s always been Griffin’s dream to create quality content for the media machine and make zero money doing it. 

Seriously, guys, the Patreon. Visit it. Please.

Are you a professional that wants a podcast made for them for free? Are you interested in making comics with us? Send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the form below!