The Devil’s AdvoCATES Book Club

Famed comics writer Donny Cates and famed comics artist Megan Hutchison are married! And they love comic books (obviously)! Join them every week as they pick some comics and do a deep-dive discussion (along with their tag-along producers, the Supple Boiz)!

Black Hammer & The Flintstones

Episode 5 of the AdvoCATES Book Club is HERE! As always, this is the show where famed comics creators and married couple Donny Cates and Megan Hutchison sit down with two comics and do a deep-dive discussion on them (along with their faithful producers, the Supple Boiz)! This week, the book club gets dark once more. But in a funny way (sometimes?). The gang dives deep into Jeff Lemire’s first volume of Black Hammer and the writer’s career, as well as Mark Russell’s Flintstones! Two great flavors that go strangely together. Have a listen!

This week we discuss:

Black Hammer (Vol. 1) and The Flintstones (2016)

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