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  • The Devil’s AdvoCATES Book Club

    Famed comics writer Donny Cates and famed comics artist Megan Hutchison are married! And they love comic books (obviously)! Join them every week as they pick some comics and do a deep-dive discussion (along with their tag-along producers, the Supple Boiz)!

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  • Supple Boiz

    Join Supple Boiz Griffin Sheridan and Ethan Smith for a new weekly show where they get to discuss all the things Ryan Stegman won’t let them talk about on their other show!

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  • Steg-Man and His Amazing Friends

    Marvel artist Ryan Stegman sits down with friends from the industry to give fans an insider’s view on all things comics!

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  • Spider-Man Rewind

    Your one stop shop for the COMPLETE CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY of Peter Parker, as told by hosts Griffin and Ethan.

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Griffin and Ethan live in a seemingly never ending cycle of pre-show, show, post-show. All they know is podcasting. Needless to say, they love it. The Boiz are the producers of the AMAZING FRIENDS PODCAST NETWORK, a grouping of shows mostly centered around comic books and creators. Check out the four shows currently part of the network below: Steg-Man and His Amazing Friends, Supple Boiz, Devil’s AdvoCATES Book Club, and Spider-Man Rewind.

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